Trivia cards on Black leaders

By Project Diva International

  • Mar 10, 2022
  • 9 AM PT
  • Team Based
  • Free
About this Event

Create trivia cards to highlight the life events and values of famous Black leaders

Volunteers will create engaging trivia cards on the life events and values of famous Black leaders. These cards will be shared with young girls to educate them about the pioneers of Black History and inspire them to lead positive lives through the actions of the leaders. 

About Nonprofit

Project Diva International guides Black girls between 12 - 27 into their birthright alignment through articulating and embodying their life's vision while expanding their sense of inner power and purpose through academic support, career exploration, and national and international experiences.  


Your involvement in creating engaging trivia cards on the life events and values of renowned Black personalities will help instill inspiration and encouragement in young girls. These cards will help young girls imbibe the values of morality, virtue, ethics, nobility, and more, all of which were philosophies and principles of famous Black people.    

A Thousand Colors of Justice

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and we want you to design those 1000 words on racial equality and share it with the world. A thousand colors of justice aims to create a library of illustrations spreading the message of racial equality and justice for nonprofits working towards the cause. Get your creativity going and help in creating a collection of illustrations for these nonprofits. Your submissions will be used by nonprofits across the globe in their social media, print media and other marketing channels.

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